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The Agency has a long personal history of government and corporate work experience, which includes extensive training for regulatory government agencies throughout Canada and the United States.


Frank Wozniak
Frank is president of Toronto Polygraph Services Inc. He retired after over 30 years with the Toronto Police Service (26 of those years were in the investigative field). Frank has been a Certified Forensic Polygraph Examiner since 1988 and received his training at the Canadian Police College in 1987. More specifically, Frank is an expert on statement taking, interviewing and interrogation techniques, statement content analysis, and polygraph procedures. Frank has been engaged in the training field for over 30 years and has taught thousands of investigators in how to effectively conduct interviews and detect deception through verbal, non-verbal and written communication. Frank’s expertise has taken him across Canada, United States and Mexico to deliver training to police officers and other government agencies.

Robert Graham Montrose

Robert is a veteran Detective Sergeant, formerly of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. In his 28 years of police experience, Bob worked almost exclusively in the investigative field specializing in cutting edge areas of investigative techniques. Bob spent nine years as a homicide investigator and was in charge of the Fugitive Squad and Firearms Unit for the Toronto Police. Among other areas of expertise, Bob specializes in delivering training on investigative note taking, interviewing, and surviving cross-examination. Bob has travelled throughout Canada and the United States training Federal and Provincial government agencies in conducting regulatory investigations.


Investigative Training

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