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There are some people who are offering testing without any training or qualifications. They are the ones that will offer clients as many questions as they want for fees below the industry standard. There are people who will provide polygraph testing over the phone and some who offer testing from apps which they have downloaded from the internet. 

Polygraph MachineThe Canadian Police College in Ottawa is the only institution in Canada which will train and certify Polygraph Examiners. In order to be trained at this facility, one must be member of an accredited police force with a minimum complement of 100 officers, the Canadian Forces - Military Police Branch or an accredited Intelligence Agency.

There is no Canadian College or University that will train civilians to administer polygraph examinations. Before choosing a polygraph company or examiner simply ask where and when they were trained as well as which professional polygraph associations they hold memberships with. Professional polygraph Associations will only admit persons certified by a recognized polygraph institute.

If they are unable to answer those two specific questions, in all likelihood you are dealing with an untrained person who is not qualified to administer a scientifically validated polygraph exam.

Most clients unfamiliar with the testing procedures expect that they can have as many questions as they like incorporated into the test. The fact is, scientific research concludes that any more than three questions will lessen the reliability. There is no validated test that will allow for ten relevant questions taking fifteen to twenty minutes. 
We recommend you do your research carefully before selecting an examiner or company to ensure that you are dealing with someone who is actually trained and certified. 

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