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Toronto Polygraph Services serves clients in Ontario and throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for services in lie-detection and truth verification examinations.  Frank Wozniak is a Certified Forensic Polygraph Examiner with over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience.
For 17 years Mr. Wozniak conducted lie detection, truth verification examinations for issues ranging from National Security, homicide, sex crimes and all matters involving major criminal investigations for the Toronto Police Service.  Mr. Wozniak has conducted polygraph examinations throughout the country from coast to coast.

Since 2004, Mr. Wozniak has owned and operated his truth verification services administering polygraph examinations, lie detection services for the general public for all types of personal family relationship issues.  His clients include Private Investigative Firms, Government Agencies, lawyers, and insurance companies.

Mr. Wozniak was trained as a Forensic Polygraph Examiner in 1987 at the Canadian Police College Polygraph Training Centre in Ottawa by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  After an internship with the RCMP in Vancouver, Mr. Wozniak returned to the Toronto Police Service and while attached to the Behavioural Assessment Unit he conducted Forensic Polygraph Examinations for all types of major criminal investigations.

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